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Ok so I came on here to see our web site is waaaaaay out of date so please forgive that. I’ll post a flurry of things over the next few days and I’m sure go quiet again for a while;) I recently took a major trip down memory lane when I came across a random guy’s posting of an old song of ours on YouTube. He’d posted Your Love Reaches Me, so I thought it was probably time I posted it on our own channel for old times sake, and you know what, I still love this song. Darren and I were dating at the time and he wrote most of it, I think I probably just helped him hone a couple of phrases if that. What a stellar song. So I posted it in a super pro iMovie video and you can hear the live-ness of the room and wow, did we go on for a long time on that song?! Were you there? These songs are still available they’re just kind of hard to find because Vineyard Music doesn’t always name their worship leaders on their albums, we are under the artist name of Vineyard Worship along with Ryan Delmore, who is still our bestie. Click here for that. This is Darren and I singing / playing and we had a dream team that drove up to play live with us from Southern California, including Shawn Tubbs who plays for Carrie Underwood now, and the record was produced by his brother Lonnie who we adored. When they rolled up we were in awe, because we were all fans of their band ‘The Violet Burning’. So here’s a link to the original and raw record on iTunes, but more importantly, my video skills will now take you back 20 years to a moment of worship that all present won’t easily forget.