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Every Song is a Mountain

November 6, 2014

We’ve been silent on this blog for a while, but we’ve been busy finishing our record. It started out as an Acoustic EP (Otherwise how would we ever get it done???) but it’s ended up being a 10-Song full length Indie Worship record.

We spent last night listening to the mixes which are 95% done, and I was overwhelmed with what this project has meant to us. Every song is a mountain we’ve climbed. There are some very personal songs on this record for us. About half of them are congregational worship songs and the rest are personal worship songs. But all of them come out of something very real and LIVED in. We will write the song stories and commentaries on the songs as soon as we can so that you can read the back ground if a particular song speaks to you.

The last track, God does Wonderful things, literally undoes me every time I hear it right now. Darren wrote it as a love song to me, (3rd in 17 years together!) but it’s a testimony of marriage, journey, being lost and found again, and hope. Certain lines just tell a hundred stories, and as personal to us as it is, our prayer is that it will speak volumes to you guys too and you’ll make it your own.

We had a dream we could write a beautiful song / We had a dream the whole world would sing a long / We would be happy as we danced on the edge of the cliff / but the words got stuck in my throat and your heart got broke / God does wonderful things / blind eyes see and dead hearts sing / God does wonderful things / Just look at those kids beautiful ones, look at them sing, they sing along / Yeah God does wonderful things. Give me your fire my love, and let me be warm / And I’ll watch you sleep through the night until the morning / Give me your hand my love, let me be the one / Give me your heart my darling, I will hold on / God does wonderful things, blind eyes see and dead hearts sing / God does wonderful things / Just look at our kids, those beautiful ones, look at them sing, they sing a long / for God does Wonderful things / God does Wonderful things / Blind eyes see and dead hearts sing / God does wonderful things / Blind eyes see and dead hearts sing / So look at it all / Look at it all my love…Look at it all my love.

We’ll be releasing the record on iTunes and all the usual spots on December 7th, and if you’re local we’re having a worship night at CalvarySLO where you can get one of the limited edition hard copies.

Thanks for your support guys. It means a lot to us.

Best. Practice. Ever

July 8, 2014

So with July 4th weekend, most of our musicians were out of town so we didn’t have practice as usual. So Darren and I ended up sitting in our tiny kitchen going through the set. I stuck yogurt-covered pretzels on sticks with strawberries and blueberries – giving me a huge sense of red-white-and-blue satisfaction (like I was a productive Martha Stewart Mum, of which I couldn’t be further from) whilst we sang together.redwhiteandblue







The significance of this is that I haven’t been singing for 6 months. After getting sick at the beginning of the year and losing my voice in a big way, my singing voice has not recovered and I’ve been trying to give it rest. This is a ridiculous notion really since I have a 3 year old and a 5 year old at home with me, so I am talking all day and I have to say everything a million times of course, so I finally gave up with the ‘resting my voice’ approach and sang to my heart’s content. Certain songs and ranges are really rough but others seem okay. But it was so great to sing through our set – –

Oh How I need You (All Sons and Daughters) / Everlasting (New one of ours) / Holy Spirit (Newer one of ours) / Oceans (Darren and I play it mellow and acoustic instead of Diva-ish – I can’t swing that) and Future Past by John Mark McMillan which is absolutley getting to us in a very good way lately.

The back door was open and the mosquitos were coming in but we felt a new freedom to worship together in the simplicity of that setting. I think we’ll do that again, but next time I want a drum to bash.