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The (Good Christian) Music Blog? Or the Good (Christian Music) Blog? Either way it’s actually a great You Tube based blog and i’ll often just let it play. The chap behind it does have a knack for finding non-main stream tunes that are artful or thoughtful or both, or just GOOD! He also doesn’t exclude mainstream tracks, if they’re good, which I appreciate. You’re just silly if you think main stream songs can’t be good. Right? So we were honored to be featured by them not once but three times so far I believe, with our most popular one being Eikon’s cover of I Love Your Presence. But, ‘It all comes down to You’ from the last release also got noticed and broke the 100k views recently, which put a big smile on our faces. Got to love that. Take a listen and subscribe to the Good Christian music blog for exposure to some music that might just blow some fresh air through your window.

Ok so I came on here to see our web site is waaaaaay out of date so please forgive that. I’ll post a flurry of things over the next few days and I’m sure go quiet again for a while;) I recently took a major trip down memory lane when I came across a random guy’s posting of an old song of ours on YouTube. He’d posted Your Love Reaches Me, so I thought it was probably time I posted it on our own channel for old times sake, and you know what, I still love this song. Darren and I were dating at the time and he wrote most of it, I think I probably just helped him hone a couple of phrases if that. What a stellar song. So I posted it in a super pro iMovie video and you can hear the live-ness of the room and wow, did we go on for a long time on that song?! Were you there? These songs are still available they’re just kind of hard to find because Vineyard Music doesn’t always name their worship leaders on their albums, we are under the artist name of Vineyard Worship along with Ryan Delmore, who is still our bestie. Click here for that. This is Darren and I singing / playing and we had a dream team that drove up to play live with us from Southern California, including Shawn Tubbs who plays for Carrie Underwood now, and the record was produced by his brother Lonnie who we adored. When they rolled up we were in awe, because we were all fans of their band ‘The Violet Burning’. So here’s a link to the original and raw record on iTunes, but more importantly, my video skills will now take you back 20 years to a moment of worship that all present won’t easily forget.

Every Song is a Mountain

November 6, 2014

We’ve been silent on this blog for a while, but we’ve been busy finishing our record. It started out as an Acoustic EP (Otherwise how would we ever get it done???) but it’s ended up being a 10-Song full length Indie Worship record.

We spent last night listening to the mixes which are 95% done, and I was overwhelmed with what this project has meant to us. Every song is a mountain we’ve climbed. There are some very personal songs on this record for us. About half of them are congregational worship songs and the rest are personal worship songs. But all of them come out of something very real and LIVED in. We will write the song stories and commentaries on the songs as soon as we can so that you can read the back ground if a particular song speaks to you.

The last track, God does Wonderful things, literally undoes me every time I hear it right now. Darren wrote it as a love song to me, (3rd in 17 years together!) but it’s a testimony of marriage, journey, being lost and found again, and hope. Certain lines just tell a hundred stories, and as personal to us as it is, our prayer is that it will speak volumes to you guys too and you’ll make it your own.

We had a dream we could write a beautiful song / We had a dream the whole world would sing a long / We would be happy as we danced on the edge of the cliff / but the words got stuck in my throat and your heart got broke / God does wonderful things / blind eyes see and dead hearts sing / God does wonderful things / Just look at those kids beautiful ones, look at them sing, they sing along / Yeah God does wonderful things. Give me your fire my love, and let me be warm / And I’ll watch you sleep through the night until the morning / Give me your hand my love, let me be the one / Give me your heart my darling, I will hold on / God does wonderful things, blind eyes see and dead hearts sing / God does wonderful things / Just look at our kids, those beautiful ones, look at them sing, they sing a long / for God does Wonderful things / God does Wonderful things / Blind eyes see and dead hearts sing / God does wonderful things / Blind eyes see and dead hearts sing / So look at it all / Look at it all my love…Look at it all my love.

We’ll be releasing the record on iTunes and all the usual spots on December 7th, and if you’re local we’re having a worship night at CalvarySLO where you can get one of the limited edition hard copies.

Thanks for your support guys. It means a lot to us.