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Tasty Licks Face

March 8, 2014

DarrenLicksThis is Darren with his tasty licks face on from last night at practice. We had a new friend play along with us, (on acoustic guitar) which freed Darren up to unleash the electric.

It’s been a bit of a rough few months with our band being scattered. We’ve all really missed playing and being together – due to family events, people’s work load, a new baby in the band, and a crisis in the midst of all that. Plus I (Jessie) have lost my voice and it’s only now coming back slowly after a month or two of no singing. So now we’re trying to re-group and connect but it’s so difficult when we all have work and families and life, and we’re off to the UK to produce a record for Vineyard UK this month.

All the while Darren is on a serious writing kick and although it’s awesome – it really is – we don’t have the time to develop or record the songs. Band or no band, we just don’t have time. It feels like everything is competing for our attention, clawing at us trying to get something. It might be a symptom of our stage of life (with two children under 5), and the multi-tasking of running a business together and leading worship together. But the thing that’s most important to us (outside of our children) and the most essential to our thriving, is the thing that gets booted to the back.

But thanks to Darren’s obsessive nature and creative force, it is always popping back up like a ball pushed under the surface at the swimming pool. It won’t rest. But, we have resolved to wait on the Lord and his timing and pray God will do it when and how He wants to.

“EP 2014″. Let’s hope we didn’t speak too soon.

New Songs, New EP

January 30, 2014
DarrenTrackingVocals copy

We are so pleased we got an EP out last year. Your Love Endures took years to brew. But it primed a pump and now EP2014 is in the works.

We’re keeping it simple, otherwise it would never ever get done. Our lives are so busy with our studio, our two lovely children (under 5) and leading worship at CalvarySLO. So you can expect 6-8 new worship songs. To ground the whole thing, we’re just trying to write songs from our heart, that reflect who God is, for the community that we’re leading. And each song God gives us, is a gift to us. And that’s enough. But we share just incase it’s a gift to someone else too.

The songs we’ve been writing are up beat and joyful for the most part, which is for some reason surprising to us. I think because the other kind come more naturally… It’s so much easier to write out of melancholy and suffering than it is to write out of celebration. But as worship leaders and worshipers, our desire is to live so much more in the Truth of who HE IS and what HE says, and celebrate those things, as opposed to where we are at. God knows where we are at. We don’t have to meditate on that anymore than we already do. So we’re compelled to write songs and sing songs that lift our eyes to the Heavens, out of the mud and the mire. Like grabbing a rope thrown down.

We’ll keep you posted.



Citizenship. Literally.

January 30, 2014

So we pledge the oath to the US of A next month! It’s a strange thing for someone who still feels very English inside. But it feels like the right thing to do. For us California has been a land of opportunity, the sunny hazey setting for our whole adult lives, our whole relationship and the place our roots and fruits, through no planning of our own, have grown. God Bless ‘Merica. And the Queen.