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After another strenuous night of trying to get our kids to sleep at the studio so we could work on our EP, my wife Jessie and I sat outside Clarke Lane Studios in the dark feeling incredibly un-inspired and discouraged. But it was 10 O’Clock and they were finally asleep so we couldn’t just pack up and go home. We sat and chatted about our life and where we’re at. Last year was a really hard year for us on many different levels. The bizarre thing was that new songs were emerging in the midst of it all.

Jessie said “Don’t you just wish God would come and sit and have a chat with us”.

I went and got the Ukulele and started playing this simple progression and Jessie starting singing this song. It’s one of the rare times in my life when a song just came out, 100% complete all in one go, one flow. As she sang the first verse, the security light randomly came on and washed us with light and the chorus followed. “Every time, You speak, Your light, fills me, Every time, I hear You, Your light, fills me”…

It was one of the most amazing moments of our life. “That’s a good one” I said. “Let’s record it”. We went inside and tracked the Uke and Jessie’s vocals, and I later added the simple lead guitar that you can hear on the EP. It seems to be a song that resonates with people and they catch onto it very quickly. Hope you like it and it lifts your hearts and heads like it did ours that night.

Here’s a Tutorial on How to play ‘Talk to Me’ on Uke or acoustic guitar.