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This song is the second Worship song Darren & I ever wrote together (or at least finished).. It came at least 10 years after the first song we co-wrote, ‘I Love Your Presence’. There were times we thought those days of writing and leading worship were over, so this song is special to us! After we wrote this song, a whole new batch of songs grew in us, it was like fresh air in our home. We are so grateful and we pray that the hope and comfort that it sparked in us will be imparted to everyone who hears it.

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How to Play “Talk to Me”

October 29, 2013

We’ve got another tutorial uploaded to YouTube for our super simple song “Talk to Me” on the Your Love Endures EP. On the EP it’s played on Uke – so we teach how to do that, but the nice thing is that this Tutorial shows how to play it on acoustic guitar for both male and female leads – in two keys. Hope that’s a handy short cut for you if you like the song. It’s definitely a song that resonates with people and very easy to teach to your congregation.

Click through for You Tube Video...

Click through for You Tube Video…