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New Tutorial up on You Tube

September 25, 2013

‘Talk to me’ is a very simple prayer of a song that Darren and I wrote last summer. But we wanted to do a tutorial anyway so that anyone and everyone that wants to play it can do so easily. Check it out here and share with anyone you think might want to learn it:)

Talk to Me (Tutorial)



There are loads of versions of this song that we wrote before we were married. It’s also been recorded by Bethel, Brenton Brown, Scott Underwood, Chris Lizotte and lots of others. Here’s our version in it’s simplest form.

Hear us play the song through in it's simplest form...

Hear us play the song through in it’s simplest form…


We hope this helps those of you who want to learn to play it how it was written, in a key that tends to be good for a male vocal, and then Darren also teaches how to play it in the key we usually do it in these days, for a female lead vocal, as recorded on our latest EP, ‘Your Love Endures’.

We don’t mind if you play this song in other ways btw! We are just thankful and amazed that the church is still singing this song. Feel free to post your fave version below in the comments!!

Thanks to Ben Ayers for helping us with this vid! Click the pic to play!