Exclusive ‘Hand of God’ Pre-Order

November 22, 2014

If you are anxious to hear our new songs, we’ve set up a Pre-Order on our Bandcamp music site. On Dec. 7th you’ll get all the songs, but on placing your pre-order you can download and / or stream the FIRST 3 TRACKS a WHOLE 2 WEEKS EARLY! Wahey!

The incentive for us to do this through Bandcamp is that we won’t lose most of your money to the mega middle man. Thanks for your support and we do hope you fall in love with the songs – and that they do you some good.

Click Here!

Please do let us know what you think and write us some reviews and share the heck out of them online if you like it a lot. We’re just an indie operation over here. Blessings –

Darren & Jessie xxx