Eikon – A Surprising Collaboration Release Date Feb. 1, 2016

January 20, 2016
0016b Eikon Clarke A

We discovered Eikon by hearing their cover of our song on YouTube. Eikon crafts a totally new take on ‘I Love Your Presence’ which has been recorded many times by a variety of people over the years. We instantly loved their vibe as well as David’s signature vocals.
So we reached out to connect with them to say “Nice work”. ‘G.D.W.T” is the result of a friendly chat that turned into an un-expected collaboration; an EP of Hand of God Covers and one original. We can’t wait for it to get out there. It means the songs will end up in ears we never could have reached. And though Eikon has a whole different style than what comes out of us, we love it!

So you can Pre-Order the album NOW at our Bandcamp site and download / stream their killer version of ‘I Love Your Presence’ immediately. The rest will be available to you as of February 1!

Money from this site’s sales will go straight to us and our Moving fund! If you buy on iTunes or anywhere else that will support the Daves (Eikon) and they deserve it. They’ve done some great work here. There’s no hard copy of this available at this point, download only.

Thanks for your support! Please do share this latest offering. It’s far from typical!