The Good Christian Music Blog

April 5, 2018

The (Good Christian) Music Blog? Or the Good (Christian Music) Blog? Either way it’s actually a great You Tube based blog and i’ll often just let it play. The chap behind it does have a knack for finding non-main stream tunes that are artful or thoughtful or both, or just GOOD! He also doesn’t exclude mainstream tracks, if they’re good, which I appreciate. You’re just silly if you think main stream songs can’t be good. Right? So we were honored to be featured by them not once but three times so far I believe, with our most popular one being Eikon’s cover of I Love Your Presence. But, ‘It all comes down to You’ from the last release also got noticed and broke the 100k views recently, which put a big smile on our faces. Got to love that. Take a listen and subscribe to the Good Christian music blog for exposure to some music that might just blow some fresh air through your window.