About Us

Darren and Jessie Clarke were both born and raised in England but live now near Nashville, TN. Their roots in worship began in England in their teens. Jessie grew up in the Vineyard movement and sang with Matt Redman and Graham Ord. These early days impacted her deeply and gave her a passion for worship and musicians. Darren was somewhat of a child prodigy playing in pubs and clubs in London from the age of 13. At the age of 19 his life was impacted by God and he pulled out of the whole ‘Rock and Roll’ lifestyle and also found himself involved in Soul Survivor and Vineyard churches and played guitar with Matt Redman before moving to San Luis Obispo, California. Both of them independently made their way to the USA in their late teens, and together (though not married) they were instrumental in the birth of ‘The Burn Service’ with fellow worship leader Ryan Delmore. This was a young adult ministry that resulted in several Worship recordings with Vineyard Music. It was in these early days that Darren and Jessie wrote several worship songs used around the world today, the most well known being ‘I Love Your Presence’ that has over 15 versions on iTunes and millions of hits on YouTube. This led to Darren producing a few records for Vineyard Music.

Darren went on to tour the country with Jeff Searles in the band ‘Everyone’, opening for bands like Delirious and SonicFlood. Around this time Darren and Jessie got married and founded Modern Music Academy which they ran full time for 9 years, teaching guitar, song writing, recording techniques and artist development to young adults and adults. Darren also played in the band ‘Rhodes’ with Daniel Whittington and produced their debut album, which garnered an opening spot for Aerosmith.

In 2012 things evolved and they went full time with Clarke Lane Music – their music production studio, with Darren producing records for bands and custom music for agencies and indie projects. This made more room for Darren and Jessie to start working on their own music again. Darren and Jessie wrote a fresh crop of worship songs for the church, released on their ‘Your Love Endures’ EP, which was followed a few years later with Hand of God. Their song ‘Your Love Endures’ caused a splash and was also covered and released on Sam Lane’s worship CD out of the UK, ‘The Fire’. Worship leader magazine featured several of their songs and named Your Love Endures one of the top 20 Indie releases of 2016. The Good Christian Music Blog has also taken a liking to the Clarkes Indie worship tracks and their postings of the Clarkes songs have garnered lots of views, It all comes down to You.

Life evolved and their studio lease ran out and California got harder and harder to afford, so in 2016 Darren and Jessie relocated their life, studio and business to Nashville TN where the storms roll in and out, the creatives are flocking and their children could get a great public school education! During this season Darren made a massive career Pivot to producing podcasts. So while the Clarkes will always make music and Darren will always have projects on the go, you can see what he’s creating these days here, www.ProducerDarrenClarke.com
Turns out a lot of the creativity, hyperfocus, tenacity, patience, diplomacy and genius that goes into producing records is also needed in the business podcast space so Darren is well placed!

They continue to write material, often inspired by their own church community and have a passion to write for the local church. Darren and Jessie also also write songs naturally more on the fringe of main stream Christian music that reflects their personal journey and their relationship as they navigate life, family and business,

Clarke Family (Landcape)2012Now Darren and his wife Jessie have been married almost 16 years and have two children, Reuben and Talulah…