Keep Me In Your Love

Writing the Song

I wrote this spiritual song last year on a hike up a hill behind my house. It’s a prayer of surrender and is totally where Jessie and I were at in our life. Sometimes songs do come to you in a fairly short time, but a song and it’s arrival is like the tip of an iceberg, the iceberg being what God’s been brewing and doing in your life.

I was planning on nicking some words from a an old hymn book and writing something, but I sensed that it was important for me to sing a new song. If you have ever read any of the psalms or the bible, you might notice God was big on new songs.

The vocal tracks you can hear, are the original ‘scratch tracks’ I recorded the day after I got down from that hill. The rest of the song totally morphed, but that original heart felt vocal take was what I used to build the rest of it up. After a bit of a struggle to find the right part, Jessie and I came up with a third part of the song, the tag, which is just a faint layer at the end of the song. We recorded a bunch of our friends singing the haunting layer at the end. But I’ll chat more about the recording process in another post….

I always listen to mixes and songs-in-process in my car, so our 3 year old son gets an earful of music. The original version I did had me playing acoustic with some fancy finger style playing that I thought was really cool, but I asked Reuben if he liked the song and he said “No, it’s REALLY boring… it’s SO boring”… So that was a kill joy, but kept me working on it until I finally got his stamp of approval after adding the drums with my brother in law Steve Goetz. Then he finally liked it. And I hope you like it too…