Your Love Endures (Writing the Song)

Over the last few years I’ve written hundreds of songs that just go up into the air and disappear, and Jessie and I wondered if God would ever give us another song that people would want to hear or even better, that they would want to sing. So when this song came to us, I was quietly excited. If it wasn’t for this song – we probably wouldn’t have written the others on the Ep. We’ve been through a lot over the past 15 years (as has everyone) which is when I wrote our last batch of worship songs, and at times I literally felt like the songs had been sucked out of me. So this song is a gift to Jessie and I.

Writing this song was similar to when we wrote ‘I love your presence’, except this time we have kids, and it was one of those rare and precious times when they were both napping. I was playing guitar and Jessie perked up and said “That sounds nice”. She doesn’t do that all that much. She’s a little bit over-exposed to music. Anyway, it was just like ‘I love Your Presence’ – I had the beginnings of the verse and the chords, and Jessie started singing the chorus over it. She went and got a scripture she’s had pinned on her mirror for literally about 5 years, and we put together the lyrics.

We knew we had something special, even if it was just for us. It’s not often you write or find a worship song that you just really enjoy singing. We pretty much drove our son crazy singing and working on it. In fact I sort of obsess over songs but sometimes that’s just what you have to do to get it done.

So it took us a couple of months to refine the lyrics and the voicings of the chords changed multiple times. This song is pretty mellow, but it can make you want to stomp your feet and make a good old thud. When you play it, it’s important you keep the pace and don’t speed up, because a lot of the momentum is in the tension.

There’s a cool story to the recording of this song – We’ll blog about that soon.


  1. jon trovati says:

    was this song done with a banjo/guitar cause i cant get it with my banjo so anyway you could tell me how with just my banjo i play mostly chords but i dont suppose you have it on tab? thanks i sure love your music and want to play it in my church at gold beach oregon

  2. admin says:

    Darren played acoustic guitar and banjo on this, two parts. We don’t have it tabbed out in the song book unfortunately (you can download that for chords) but Darren does teach how to play both the guitar part and the banjo part on this YouTube Video… Hope that helps, if we tab it out some time soon we’ll let you know! Not a bad idea…