Shield & A Buckler

This is one of our faves on the album. It was an un-expected gift that came about because a friend of ours (Joel Limpic) runs a very cool Scripture memorization project out of Oklahoma.

They gave us a choice of scriptures they were working through, and Darren chose Psalm 91 v. 3-4 because of it’s gnarly language and he felt he could get stuck into it and write something raw and gritty like the word PESTILENCE which stands out in the prescribed ESV bible translation that we had to work to. The rules are you can repeat phrases but you can’t add anything or change anything. However, it was a surprise because when we got into our studio to track the song for them, what came out was very peaceful (instead of gnarly and aggressive which he’d pictured). The truth of the song came out in it’s melody and simplicity. The peace, protection, covering truth seems to translate over the rootsy vibes of the guitar. At least we think it does. It was a pleasure for me to sing and track vocals for. I remember declaring it to myself and to the world arms out-stretched – in the little studio room I was singing alone in, and the joy of that truth doing me a world of good.

Songs straight out of the scripture are hands down THE BEST! There’s nothing like singing them into your spririt, and they resonate for years. We played this one on repeat through LA traffic last summer because the kids fell asleep to it, and we desperately wanted them to stay asleep as long as possible. Meanwhile we were getting an amazing truth drilled into us like only a song can do. It’s pretty cool when your own music can actually minister to you – I don’t mean puff you up and get you all jazzed, I mean when it’s a gift from God and He’s at work in your life and that’s why the songs are there.

Anyway. That’s why we chose to write a song with the words Pinions, Pestilence and Buckler in it. There was a reason for that!