Give us Your heart Oh God

One of our most known songs “I Love Your Presence” was written out of one of those golden moments when we could feel God’s tangible presence in the room. I (Jessie) had just arrived in California having left my family on the other side of the world in England. At the age of 20 that was a huge huge deal to me and I was anxious. In that whole season of my life I found peace in Worship times and I found that on the other side of the world I could be at home in Worship. We wrote ‘I Love Your Presence’ in one of those times. This song, however, is kind of like the pre-cursor to that song (even though we wrote it 15 years later!) It’s the yearning and craving and longing for God’s tangible presence and the fruit of that in our lives, when you’re NOT feeling it or have never felt it before.

The song isn’t just about feelings but about a real desire to have God work in our lives and do what He and only He can do. Darren wrote most of this song alone late at night in our studio, in a fairly silent, dry season of singing out and reaching out and feeling not a lot. But singing out and reaching out all the same. In faith and service and in trust. At that time leading worship at our church was tough, having recently got back into leading worship after many years of not doing that. Our congregation was (and is) a variety of people from different back grounds, all with different expectations of worship and associations with ‘the singing part of the service’. We longed to feel God’s presence and see His church respond accordingly, with freedom and passion. But we weren’t even sure how to get there again. So this song came out of that.

We later wrote the bridge, “We will wait for You, for the Weight of Your Glory…” as a commitment and as a proclamation. Knowing that when we do experience His presence it is a ‘heavy’ thing, whether it feels heavy or light.
“Glory” is one of the most common words in scripture. The Hebrew word for it, ‘kabod’ originally means “weight” or “heaviness.” The same word is then used to express importance, honor, and majesty.

We love the suggestion in a way of how His presence ‘feels’ – like you don’t want to move out of it – or can’t move out of it – but more than that in the bigger sense, this song is about waiting for His Kingdom to come and the weight of all that would and will change in the world. So the song is a prayer of wanting more of His presence, but not just for the feeling of it, but bigger than that, wanting His Kingdom here on Earth. ‘Come and do Your work in us”.

Give us your heart Oh God by Darren & Jessie Clarke Copyright 2014

Give us Your heart oh God / Show us Your Loving kindness / Give us your heart oh God / Lead us out of the darkness / Holy Spirit, Come and fill us / Come to us just like you promised / Your presence fills our emptiness / Come and do Your work in us / Come and do Your work in us / We will wait for You / For the weight of Your Glory / We will wait for You / For the weight of Your Glory / We will wait for You,  Jesus