‘Hand of God’ Album

HAND OF GOD released on December 7, 2014. An Indie Worship release with 10 songs for coorporate and personal worship. If you’re not lucky enough to get one of our physical LIMITED EDITION CD’s with awesome artwork and everything, this is what you’d read on the inside…

Hand of God CD


To everyone who loves & supports us & especially to our treasures Reuben & Talulah. Even as tiny troopers you have lived these songs with us & climbed some of these mountains. You are our biggest inspiration towards Jesus.

Particular thanks goes out to those friends & family who’ve helped us with this project, those who have walked closely with us know what it has taken to form these songs & we thank you for holding us up in life & prayer.

Thank you for the incredible support, advice & the clapping (Bob Kitamura) the babysitting (Jen Kennedy) , our Sunday musicians who have had our backs (especially Seth Igarta & Ryan Allshouse our faithful rhythm section), for good advice, love and feedback on the songs (Samuel Lane & Bryan Stupar) for brilliant design (Kris Stipech) for some sneaky backing vocal layers (Ryan Delmore)- cameo!!! For loaning us gear (Jim Folkrod) and for being our biggest fans whether deserved or not (our parents & the Kennedys). Also to Dwayne who inspired the title track. 

To all our neighbors and friends for living life with us in the day to day, and being family when family is far away. Love Love and more love!


All Songs written, performed & produced by Darren & Jessie Clarke.

Copyright Clarke Lane Music 2014

Your Love Endures & Talk to Me, Copyright Clarke Lane Music 2012

Mixed & Mastered by Darren Clarke.