I Love Your Presence

We are SO excited that so many people have done covers of this song. Truth is it feels like a kind of out of body thing because it’s God who gives us songs and it was Him that got it ‘out there’. We didn’t have social media or blogs or anything like that in those days you know. We’re talking 15 years ago! So the fact that Jenn Johnson and Brenton Brown and Kim Walker (and others) have done great versions that are super popular, is all just a marvel to us and we are thankful.

I was 20 and it was a night where I’d just arrived back in California after a trip home to England. I was really sad about leaving my family again, and I was feeling anxious. Darren and I were dating at the time and he sat in my room while I was un-packing playing me these chords he’d written. He started singing the verse.. ‘In the Glory, of your presence’….and we did feel God’s presence in the room. The 6/8 chord progression sort of lulls you. God’s peace just rested on us and all those feelings I was struggling with made peace with the truth of His presence and that perfection and completeness swallowed everything else up. As Darren was singing the verse I started to sing the chorus over the top, almost like a round ‘I Love, I Love, I Love Your presence… Little did we know that God was giving us something that was not just for us, but for ‘the church’ too. That was the first song we wrote together.

The song is being played and performed in lots of different ways, and it’s all good. To hear and learn to play our original version, click here.