We’d love to come and serve your church or your worship event.

• Worship Services
• Worship Events
• Sunday services incorporating songs your church loves
• We can come just the two of us, bring a band, or front your experienced worship band.
• We can teach Workshops at your worship event or conference. Having previously run an academy, we are very comfortable teaching musicians. We are passionate about investing in young worship leaders and sharing what God has imparted to us.

Subjects we teach:

– Creativity & Songwriting (Hands on / interactive / practical tools)
As published song writers and with Darren producing, co-writing and writing music all week long by profession, we can share a few tips and give a lot of food for thought.

– Leading worship in our generation
We have a heart for worship leaders in our generation because there is a sea of models and a puddle of mentors! Most worship leaders draw inspiration and their role models from You Tube and commercially successful worship artists. This is kind of a set up for discouragement, confusion, disillusionment, unrealistic expectations and flat worship experiences. In this workshop we come along side worship leaders and worship musicians with the heart of the Father for them, and the call of the Servant King Jesus, to serve his church as worshippers in Spirit and Truth.

– Our approach and worship ethos
Including the role of SERVICE and the value of EXCELLENCE, ways to help your congregation and your team to enter into meaningful worship times. The goal of God’s presence not performance. The importance of connected-ness not isolation.

– Lead Guitar for Worship
Having taught thousands of guitar students, earned a BA in Contemporary Guitar, produced loads of records and recorded countless guitar tracks and instrumental guitar projects, Darren has a thing or two to teach guitar players. Including the value of serving the song, getting it right, and doing your job well. He will also teach a few tasty licks and talk about pedals to keep everyone happy!

Contact us here to discuss your event and how we can help you.
Our compensation varies depending on the time we spend with you and our time away from our children traveling. It also varies with the size and nature of your event. Since music is our sole profession, we cannot travel based on ‘honorariums’, but request an upfront agreement. Let us know the kind of event you’re planning and what role you’d like us to play, and we can go from there.