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ClarkeLaneWe have a group of guys we like to lead worship with as much as possible. It’s kind of a band. It’s SO good to lead worship alongside people who know you well, that you have some history with, and that ‘get you’ and your worship ethos. It’s so crucial for Darren and I to feel like the band is ‘going with us’ when we embark on the journey that is leading a worship set. Despite rehearsals and set lists, we never know quite what will happen.

We are really thankful for these dudes (You can hear them on Holy Ground and I Love Your Presence).

Seth Igarta – We cannot believe we’ve known you 20 years! That is REDIC! Thank you for being a loyal and faithful friend. And man are we so happy you are as good at bass as you are because we’d want you in the band either way! You and Julie are encouragers and have given us the strength and courage to step out again into the worship scene with a sense of being ‘covered’. We love you guys.

Ryan Allshouse – You’re the man. Playing with you in Rhodes was super cool, and now to be able to lead worship together is a treat. Not only do we love your drumming but your positive ‘can do’ enthusiasm for pretty much everything is priceless and we love that about you. You and Cole are SOLID and the sacrifices you both make for worship doesn’t go un-noticed.

Kristopher Chavez – Oh you’re the sizzle in our band and we love it. Thank God we met you at Gospel Church on that fateful day last summer. Did you ever think you’d be on stage with three instruments hanging off you at once? We’re so glad you’re on this journey with us and bobbing around the stage like only you can do. Plus you make us seem younger and that’s pretty cool too. Love you Kristopher.