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We figure that most worship leaders these days find new songs (and figure out how to play them) on You Tube. So we’re making it easy for you by uploading Lyric & Chord Videos for our most congregational songs. We’ve just added ‘Give us Your Heart Oh God’ – and it’s an easy one to play guys so have at it. Have fun and we hope it really blesses you and your church.

Stream the song and play along…

10 Indie Worship songs we’ve been writing over the past 18 months… We’re finally getting this thing finished and hopefully out there into the church. Follow us on our new Instagram account for clips and pics (DarrenandJessieClarke) and the record will be available on iTunes and all the usual spots on December 7th… We’ll be making some videos and a songbook and all those goodies as soon as we can. Thanks guys!

New Songs, New EP

January 30, 2014
DarrenTrackingVocals copy

We are so pleased we got an EP out last year. Your Love Endures took years to brew. But it primed a pump and now EP2014 is in the works.

We’re keeping it simple, otherwise it would never ever get done. Our lives are so busy with our studio, our two lovely children (under 5) and leading worship at CalvarySLO. So you can expect 6-8 new worship songs. To ground the whole thing, we’re just trying to write songs from our heart, that reflect who God is, for the community that we’re leading. And each song God gives us, is a gift to us. And that’s enough. But we share just incase it’s a gift to someone else too.

The songs we’ve been writing are up beat and joyful for the most part, which is for some reason surprising to us. I think because the other kind come more naturally… It’s so much easier to write out of melancholy and suffering than it is to write out of celebration. But as worship leaders and worshipers, our desire is to live so much more in the Truth of who HE IS and what HE says, and celebrate those things, as opposed to where we are at. God knows where we are at. We don’t have to meditate on that anymore than we already do. So we’re compelled to write songs and sing songs that lift our eyes to the Heavens, out of the mud and the mire. Like grabbing a rope thrown down.

We’ll keep you posted.